Monday, May 1, 2017

How to Keep your Family Safe from Fire

The 10 most common causes of house fires include: cooking, children playing with fire, smoking, the furnace, electrical problems, candles, the fireplace, clothes dryer, storage of flammable materials, and Christmas trees. No matter what the cause, your main concern is the safety of family members. Here are ways to keep your family safe.
fire safety tips for home

Install Fire Safety Equipment

Here is fire safety equipment you need to not only keep family members safe, but reduce fire damage to your house and possessions:

·         Smoke Detectors – Lack of a properly functioning smoke detector is responsible for most fire-related deaths in homes. They need to be tested monthly and replaced every 10 years.
·         Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Carbon monoxide can make family members very sick or even cause their death. It is especially dangerous since it is colorless and odorless.
·         Escape Ladders – If you have more than one story in your house, you should have one fire escape ladder in each room on the upper floor.
·         Home Fire Sprinklers – These can put out a fire before it has a chance to grow and spread, saving lives and possessions.
·         Fire Extinguishers – There should be a multipurpose fire extinguisher in the kitchen, workshop, and garage.

Have and Practice an Evacuation Route

All members of the family need to know how to safely leave the house. The evacuation route needs to be practiced very often. Also practice alternate routes, such as using a different door or window, in case fire or dense smoke is blocking an exit.

Learn What to Do During a Fire

·         Leave the house immediately
·         Don't stop to get valuables
·         Test doors for heat and if they are hot, do not open
·         Bend down or crawl under smoke
·         If there is a lot of smoke, cover your nose with a T-shirt or wet rag
·         Stop, Drop, and Roll
·         Don't re-enter the house once you are out
·         Meet outside in a designated place
·         Stay a safe distance away from the house

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