Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What Your Fire Safety Evacuation Plan Needs to Have In It

fire safety evacuation plan
When it comes to preparing you and your family for the event of a fire, coming up with a fire evacuation plan is essential in making sure everyone is safe. So how do you start to prepare your evacuation plan? Here are some tips on what it should have in it so that everyone is out of harm’s way in the event of fire.

A safe place – Every fire evacuation plan should have a safe place in mind for everyone to gather. The safe place can be across the street from your home, the large tree at the front of your house, or a neighbor’s yard. As long as the place is away from the home and fire, establishing your safe place ahead of time can help to save everyone’s lives.

Visible home numbers – Is your house street number visible from the road? If not, making sure that it is visible from that distance is a crucial step in your fire evacuation plan. This ensures that your home can be seen by emergency responders in the event of a fire. If your numbers aren’t visible from the road, painting them on your mailbox or having larger numbers installed on the exterior of your home can help.

Escape ladders – If you live in a multi-level home, consider purchasing an emergency escape ladder or two and including them in your fire safety plan. If the fire is in the bottom part of the home and is blocking all your exits to safety, having an emergency escape ladder in one of your upper floor rooms can help get everyone out of the home safely. 

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